Confession: The Sacrament of Reconciliation

All Are Welcome

All Are Welcome

Confession: Tuesday-Friday 11 am, and Saturday 11 am

About The Sacrament of Reconciliation
At-One with God; Others; Self

God called you name in Baptism, the most important day of your Christian Catholic life. You are a new person in Jesus Christ. You are called to become a priestly, prophetic and shepherding person all your life. This is your vocation. You are joined with all other Christians baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Spirit.

All of us are called to be holy as the Lord is holy. Sometimes we ‘miss the mark’ of our calling. We have a tendency to sin. We ignore God’s law of love and follow our own law. You know and see this tendency of the times. Now you have come to experience the Lord’s forgiveness and healing. It is a very personal moment in your relationship with God, others and yourself. God’s saving love always remains the stronger force in human life.

To get the most from your healing encounter with Jesus, you need to prepare well. You begin with a prayer, placing yourself in God’s loving presence. You ask God to open your mind and heart to see yourself with honesty, courage and compassion. You ask God for the willingness to ‘own up’ to both the good and not so good that comes to mind. You are on the ‘holy ground’ of God’s love and mercy.

You are invited in the light of God’s love:

  • To search your thoughts, words and actions that ‘missed the mark’ of your call,

  • To have true sorrow for these choices

  • And to try to avoid them in the future with help from God and others.

By reflecting on these points, you are practicing examination of conscience. This helps you have a meaningful experience of God’s love and forgiveness.

Jesus wants us to live in freedom. When we choose wrong things, we lose our freedom. We become trapped or even overpowered by evil. All is not lost. God’s love is stronger. His forgiveness helps us to make a fresh start. Then, we can accept our own weaknesses, forgive ourselves, get help from others, and move on with our lives.

All Are Welcome

All are Welcome

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